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According to written data the town name first appeared in 1427 as PODVRSAV. At the end of 14th century there were several toponyms: VARSOCZ (VARŠOC), VERSECZ (VERŠEC), and VIRSICZA (VIRŠKA). In 1694 there was VERSOCZ (VERŠOC) and VARSACZ (VARŠAC) in 1707.

First colonies appeared in the Neolith, at the time of polished stone. There are archaeological sites (At) to prove this. Colonies permanently settled here at the time of the Slavs arrival (at the end of the Middle-ages). Before the Slavs the Thracian, Celtic, Skit, Dacian, Roman, Gepid, Avers tribes etc. had lived here.

Apart from economic development crafts and trade also began to develop and the town grew more and more into cultural and educational centre. During the second half of the 18th century it had the first pharmacy “Kod Spasitelja” (At Saviour’s), the post office, the first Primary School was founded and the oldest part of the Vrsac Magistrate or ”Municipije” was built.
Then in 1757 Eparchial residence was built, the Church of the Assumption (1766), the Great Synod Church (1785). Owing to extraordinary efforts of the bishop Josif Jovanovic Skabenta Vrsac got Grammatical School in 1790. First theatrical plays were played in Serbian in 1793, performed by Grammatical School students. Before that guest German theatres from Timisoara performed their plays.

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