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The Silver Lake

In the northeastern part of Serbia, in the Carpathian periphery of the Pannonian Basin, not far from the mouth of the Peak to the Danube, there is a Silver Lake.
In order to protect the coastal area of ​​the Raman rite from the groundwater, in 1971, the dunnavian who was round the island was intermingled with a dike in the upper stream near the village of Zaton. Thus, a lake was created, 14 km long, 300 m wide, up to 13 m deep.
In the afternoon, when the sun goes down to rest behind the Carpathians, millions of sparks make up his silver glare, so it is named Silver.
Exceptional beauty, from the very beginning, became a favorite picnic and jewel of continental tourism in this part of Serbia, and it is also called the Serbian Sea.
Thanks to strong pumps, the lake’s water level is constantly lower than the Danube and provides fresh water supply. On its underground path, the water is filtered through numerous sand dunes, allowing the water to be impeccably clean and clear.
Silver lake, it is rich in fish and represents a true paradise for pastries. All kinds of freshwater fish are represented: catfish, pancreas, carp, amur, tolstolobik …
The coolness of the acacia forest and the good climate make it possible for the stay on the lake to be remembered.

Since Silver Lake is only two kilometers from Veliko Gradište, you can start the sightseeing tour of the Great City and its sights: old customs with a dock, monument Vlastimir Pavlović Carevc, church of St. Archangel Gabriel, a gymnasium, a building of secular authority, a museum and a city park with a dock.
In the immediate vicinity there is a medieval Golubac Castle with interesting history and legends.
On the way from Gradište to Srebrno jezero, visit Obilić’s endowment – Tuman Monastery.
Do not miss the sunset and the end of one day you can see from the rampart from where the view from the Danube reaches Avala.

Silver Lake is located in eastern Serbia on the border with Romania, 30 km far from Požarevac and only 105 from Belgrade, Silver Lake has become a favorite place for all those who want to spend their holidays in a quality and pleasant environment.
The Danube sleeve, 14 km long and 300 m wide, with an average depth of 8 to 9 m, built with two dams, is one of the most popular tourist places in Serbia, a bathing parlor and anglers.

Numerous private apartments, camp sites and hotels provide quality services and accommodation for your stay, while numerous restaurants along the coast offer a complete catering service with an emphasis on the Danube fish specialties.
Recently, with the Silver Lake Resort on Silver Lake, the tourist offer has been completed with tennis courts and a yachting club, and soon begins the construction of a golf course, a swimming pool, aqua park, karting paths.
In addition to numerous facilities, there are also riding clubs, boat trips, sailing and paragliding, numerous walking and jogging trails, sports fields.
The plan is also the reconstruction of the once-frequent marine tourist line between Romania and our coast, where the tourists would take the ship to Moravice in the morning and return them to Veliko Gradište in the evening.
Silver Lake is also a paradise for fishermen throughout the year because there is a fishing club and the Danube is rich in many fish species, of which the most common carp, catfish, amur, pike, sloth and white fish.

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