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About Šabac

Welcome to the First Town of Serbia

Šabac is one of the bigger and more famous cities of Serbia. It is located in the northwestern part of Serbia, on the border of Mačva, Pocerina and Posavina on the right bank of the Sava River. The city of Sabac includes the territory of 795 km², 49 cadastral municipalities and 52 settlements with a total of 122,893 inhabitants. It borders with municipalities: Bogatic, Loznica, Vladimirci and Koceljeva. According to Sabac, three microregions that make up his hinterland are gravitated: towards the west, Mačva, towards the south of Pocerin, to the east of Posavina. After Belgrade, Sabac is the northernmost city of the central part of Serbia. The geographical position of the central point of Sabac is determined by coordinates of 44 ° 46 ‘north latitude and 19 ° 14’ east longitude. It lies at 80 m above sea level and it is a plain, lowland and valley city. It is extremely well connected with its surroundings to all parts of the country.

The position of Šabac in relation to the river Sava caused the town to become the port of the ravine of Macva and the Posavje-Porosje hinterland. River navigation, Šabac is connected with Belgrade, and further by the Danube navigation system in all Danubian countries. In Sabac there is a dock and free duty-free zone. The port of Sava, along with other transport potentials, is only a confirmation of the good geographical position of the city. From the north (Vojvodina), as well as from the east to the city, it comes across the road bridge on the Sava River. River traffic is currently taking place through the port of the former giant chemical industry “Zorka”, whose capacities, besides their own needs, are also used to provide services to other users gravitating to this dock in transport-transport terms. The international airport “Nikola Tesla” is about 50 km away.

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