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About Požega

Municipium Malavestum

The oldest found settlements of this region originate from the Middle Neolithic (the young Stone Age), around 2600 BC. About 3000 years ago, not only these regions, but also the entire Balkans inhabited the Illyrians, while in the 1st century AD the Roman invaders came here.
During the time of the Emperor Hadrian, around 150 AD, in the immediate vicinity of today’s Požega, the village of Visibaba, the Romans raise a city of great significance, known as Municipium Malavestum, the seat of a wider area.
During the research of the past of the Požega municipality, archaeologists have discovered, partially studied, more than a hundred sites, archaeological sites that stretch from prehistory to the end of antiquity, the fall of the Western Empire, in 476th year.

These parts were divided into two parts by the Roman Empire, in 395 AD (Byzantium), and in the course of the seventh century our ancestors of the Old Slavs settled. Written data from the first centuries of the Middle Ages for these areas is not available until the time of the great mayor Stefan Nemanja, when they are mentioned in the Studenica Charter in 1196. These were insignificant settlements that did not have a greater economic, political and administrative significance.
The first written meaning of Požega as a more significant settlement is in Defter from 1476. In the following census of 1516, Požega is a kaza ie. the region of one kadija, and in 1523 Požega is nahija, which will with short interruptions remain throughout the whole Turkish period. Old Požega, from the Turkish period, burnt Turks in 1805. In order to convert the kasaba into a small town, in order to build new buildings, houses for housing, shops and other facilities, Prince Miloš sent a letter to his brother Jovan on March 12, 1832 (according to the old calendar) and sent Lazar Zuban, engineer “to draw up a Požega urban plan. Plots for new buildings are spaced apart along crossed roads, east-west and north-south directions.

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