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Hotel SOLARIS Resort **** – Vrnjačka Spa

Spa Towns, Vrnjačka Banja

VRNJAČKA SPA – The Queen of All Mineral Springs. In the rolling hills of Central Serbia sits the idyllic spa town of Vrnjacka Banja, harmoniously balanced in its beautiful natural surroundings. Come to soak in waters that have been known for their curative properties since Roman times. Since its first official season opening in 1867, Vrnjačka Banja became a summer vacation spot of the elite. The resort features a number of beautiful 19th and 20th century villas around the spring and atop the surrounding hills and they are the pride of Banja. Today Vrnjacka Banja is a well-developed tourist destination, popular among domestic and foreign guests seeking spa treatments or a relaxing getaway in the countryside.

Solaris Resort**** is a new and modernly furnished complex within the tourist offers of Vrnjačka Banja…

The ambience exudes comfort, pleasure and artistic charm which won’t leave the guests indifferent. The complex offers luxury apartments and family rooms with elegant interior, a restaurant, aperitif bar, conference room, parking lot. We also offer sports and recreation facilities with indoor and outdoor pools, Fitness Center, exclusive Wellness Center and a Relax Zone.
A congress hall (250 seats) and children’s corner are under construction. As such, the offer is going to be unique in the region.
The complex is located in a quiet part of Vrnjacka Banja close to the main promenade. It is an ideal place for vacation and relaxation. Friendly, professional and helpful staff provides the service measured by the highest world standards.
Wellness contents
The first facility we recommend is the salt cave, which replaces a 4-day stay at the seaside. Time determined for adults is 40min, and for children 20min. You enter the salt cave while dry. Next thing that has to do with the sea, and shouldn’t be missed, is the indoor pool with sea water with the temperature of 29 ˚C.
For better circulation and body strengthening, the use of saunas follows, for which you prepare on the warm loungers of the caldarium and tepidarium, whose temperature is 36˚C to 40˚C. After adapting your body to higher temperatures, you can the Finnish sauna or Russian spa – they help your body get rid of excess fluid and toxins. Optimum stay up to 15 min. After the use of the saunas, be sure to have a shower with lukewarm to cold water for better circulation. This is followed by Jacuzzi, whose warm water combined with deep massage relaxes tense muscles and relieves the body from stress.
Finally, you mustn’t miss the Turkish bath, whose warmth and humidity provide the ideal atmosphere for relaxation and an excellent treatment for your skin. Optimum stay up to 15 min., during which we recommend cooling shower once or twice. To make your stay at Wellness complete, we recommend one of the massages that we offer.
Relax Zone
Within the Relax zone, we offer you the opportunity to strengthen and refresh your body with the most valuable natural elixir – massage. In the perfectly furnished relax room and tepidarium, you will experience complete relaxation of the body and mind. Various types of massage relieve many problems in the body and have an extremely beneficial effect on the muscle tone – both of the face and body. Massage packages represent special offers for all our guests. Pleasant sounds of music and the smell of aromatic candles add to the complete enjoyment in the Relax zone.The Relax zone is specially designed to make guests feel totally relaxed simply by entering the room.During the treatment, treat your body to a wide selection of refreshing drinks as well, which are a part of the offer of the Relax zone.The Relax promotes the overall development of the body maintaining its shape, and serves to prevent fatigue and muscle tension. Guests are offered special treatments such as: peeling massage, anti-cellulite massage, volcanic stone massage…
The Solaris Resort also offers a wide range of sports and recreational activities for all the guests who want an active vacation. The complex features: an outdoor pool with a bar, indoor pool, tennis court, fitness center…

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