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Hotel BREZA *** – Vrnjačka Spa

Spa Towns, Vrnjačka Banja

VRNJAČKA SPA – The Queen of All Mineral Springs. In the rolling hills of Central Serbia sits the idyllic spa town of Vrnjacka Banja, harmoniously balanced in its beautiful natural surroundings. Come to soak in waters that have been known for their curative properties since Roman times. Since its first official season opening in 1867, Vrnjačka Banja became a summer vacation spot of the elite. The resort features a number of beautiful 19th and 20th century villas around the spring and atop the surrounding hills and they are the pride of Banja. Today Vrnjacka Banja is a well-developed tourist destination, popular among domestic and foreign guests seeking spa treatments or a relaxing getaway in the countryside.

…at the intersection of warm and cold mineral springs, by the main promenade of our spa…

Hotel “Breza” is placed at the very centre of Vrnjačka Banja, at the intersection of warm and cold mineral springs, by the main promenade of our spa. Designed according to the higest standards in modern hotel building, it fits perfectly in the natural surroundongs.
At hotel “Breza” guest have 224 beds, rooms and suites with bathrooms, central heating, telephones and television sets (satelit) at their disposal. Of the total number of rooms, half of the room has a mobile air-conditioner.
Hotel guests can spend enjoyable moments at the spacious air-conditional restaurant overlooking the park and promenade, at the cafe or the hotel drawing-room.
Air-conditional banquet-room is suitable for various seminars and expert meetings.
An aperitiv bar, an indoor semiolympic swiming-pool, a hair dressing salon, room for table tenis, a reception room and a builtin garage are at disposal to all guests throughout the year. Special attention is paid to healty nutrition of guests.

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