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About Paraćin

The named Parakin by boat

The municipality of Paracin is located in the heart of Serbia, 156 kilometers from Belgrade, along the important European road, Corridor 10. It is part of the region of Sumadija and Pomoravlje – it belongs to Pomoravlje District. The city of Paracin is located 3.5 km from the right bank of the Morava, on the route of the Crnica river that flows through the city center.

Paracin lies at 43.87 north gergraphic latitude and 21.41 east geofraphic length, at an average altitude of 130m. Of the total arable land, 33,511 hectares (about 64%) are cultivated and 16,854 hectares (about 36%) are under the forest.    The average land area per household is 4 hectares. This area was previously very densely populated. In the last century, probably the most densely populated in Serbia. This was also contributed by the Constantinople road that was passing through this place and represented the most important road of that time.

Through the castle the river Crnica, which was once quite large, was used by a man named Parakin by boat, and later after the Romans the city was called Parakin, and over time, this name was transferred to the name of Paracin.

In addition to Paracin, the E75 goes to Athens, Greece, to western Europe. An international railway line is being built across the city, which was built around 1880 that year. From the city to Zajcar there was also a narrow gauge railway, which used to be the once popular train Cira. But, at the time of communism, at the time of communism, the regime was dismantling that line, and today there is only a stone embankment turned into a Polish road, and about 28 km from the city remained a tunnel of 1950m and beside the former railway line, the ruins of the then railway buildings remained.
The Municipality of Paracin is part of a rich and fertile Middle Pomoravlje, the territory of the municipality of Paracin descends from the Kuča Mountains in the east towards Velika Morava in the west, flowered by the streams of the Crnica and Grza rivers.
The highest peaks are located on Juhor, Veliki Vetren (776m), Mali Vetren (712m) in the west and Javorički vrh (920m), Jasenova Glava (852m) and Crni Vrh (776m).
Paracin is an industrial center with a long tradition of production glass, cement, tins and confectionery tins.
Municipality of Paracin includes the city and 33 settlements on the surface of 541.7 kilometers of quartz. According to the 2002 census, the number of inhabitants in the municipality of Paracin was 58 301.

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