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About Lukovska Banja

The great health in water

In the south of Serbia, 36 km west of Kuršumlija, at the eastern slopes of Kopaonik lies Lukovska Banja (681 m above sea level). It is 101 km from Niš, 107 km from Kruševac and 297 km from Belgrade. The Lukovo Spa springs are microcrystalline sodium magnesium-calcium-type hydrocarbonate. These waters can be used for balneotherapy purposes as an additional means of bathing in the framework of medical rehabilitation, diseases of the locomotor apparatus, gynecological diseases and skin diseases, under the supervision of doctors.
Lukovska Banja is distinguished by moderate-continental climate, forest type, medium height (subalpia), somewhat alleviated by local factors. The winters are moderately cold, the weather is moderately warm, the autumn is a bit warmer, cheerful and drier than spring. From the surrounding mountain altitudes, Banju constantly refreshes the air flow and makes it more bearable for the summer months.

Very generous hypertermal springs in winter create a warm oasis in Lukovska Banja. The spa climate is ideal for the recovery and cure of the organism, then for all reconvalescents, asymmetries, diseases of the respiratory system, metabolism and the like.
In 1999 a hotel “Kopaonik” with 120 beds in 1/2 and 1/3 rooms was opened.
All rooms are equipped with cable TV, TVs and phones. Private accommodation capacity of 80 beds only partially meets the demand of guests in the summer season. Catering capacities with 180 places (in the restaurants of the hotel “Kopaonik”, the “Mladost” and the terraces) is fully in function of the accommodation capacity.

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