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About Kragujevac

The first capital of Serbia

Numerous archeological sites from prehistoric, antic and medieval period are testimonies of settlement’s long history. The first written records of medieval square Kragujofca are found in Turkish document, Tapu-Defter, dated in 1476. The city is most probably named after Kraguj, the believed owner of the estate on which the settlement was built. But according to another myth the name came from a bird of prey called kraguj.

After the final fall of the Serbian Medieval State (1389) the region shared the fate of the whole nation under the Turkish, and in the short period of time under the Austrian rule. Kragujevac was the capital of the modern Serbian State from 1818 until 1841, the time is considered to be the golden age of the city. During the 19th century many first state institutions, judicial, educational, cultural, industrial and apothecary, were established here (Court, National Office, Grammar and High School Lycee, Serbian Majestic Orchestra, Court Theatre, Cannon Foundry, Electrical Power Plant, Pharmacy).
At that time the foundations of the modern city life were laid. In the 20th century the city experienced fierce devastation and casualties during the I and II World War, but demographical and industrial boost followed.

Cultural institutions in Kragujevac
There are many cultural institutions that in keeping up traditions have gained regional, and some of them even national significance in the field of arts and culture, such as “Knjazevsko-Srpski“ Theatre, National Library “Vuk Karadzic“.

In the sphere of culture annual and biannual events are held:

International Festival of Chamber Choir Music,
International Festival of Chamber Music “OKTOX”,
The Best Serbian Theatrical Performances Festival “JOAKIMFEST”,
International Small Forms Theatre Festival ”JOAKIMINTERFEST”,
International Saloon of Antiwar Cartoons, held on every odd-numbered year,
International Art Workshop “Balkan Bridges“, also held on every odd-numbered year,
International Jazz Festival,
International Puppet Theatre Festival ”Zlatna iskra”
International School of Harmonica.

There are three fine and applied artists associations: the Art KG, the branch of Serbian association ULUS and the ULUK.

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