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About Kladovo

On the right bank of the Danube across the Romanian Scale Kladovei

Kladovo is a city settlement in Serbia in the municipality of Kladovo in the Bor District. According to the 2011 census, there were 8869 inhabitants.

It is located on the right bank of the Danube across the Romanian Scale Kladovei. On the ground of today’s settlement there are relics of prehistoric habitat-the remains of quartz knives connected with the penetration of the culture from the southern Russian steppe during the third millennium p. n. e. and the storage of bronze knives from the older Iron Age. Under the Serbian administration, it has been in continuity since 1833. An important transit and tourist center is the seat of the largest electricity producer. A significant part of the population lives and works in the countries of Western Europe. Its inhabitants are consumers of Serbian, Vlach, Roma, Montenegrin, and prehistoric cultural heritage. In Kladovo there are already hundreds of living and living Cemeteries, descendants of Slovak and Czech immigrants and several families of German and Hungarian descent, here from the time of the construction of the Sip channel.

The name of the settlement could be derived from the Old Slavic terms of the clan, betting, laying, throwing, which would lead to the design of the class, Russian pantries, pantry, storage, luggage, cargo, or in the Serbian language warehouse. It is known that the Russian tribe Severina settled the area around Tamiš and Kladovo nearby Černe, and one of their migration routes during the seventh century has just led from the territory of today’s Romania to the interior of the Balkans. Kladovo was an ideal location for unloading of goods for the centuries, transported by the Danube, for which the need was intensified due to the Djerdap sailing obstacles. That naming the name according to the purpose of the place is not a lonely case in the surrounding environment, is also the term of the neighboring Negotin, from the Latin for the business, the marketing center. The Slovene roots of the word Kladovo were also held in toponyms Kladorup in Bulgaria, Kladnje in Croatia, Kladanj in Bosnia, Kladurovo in the Djerdap hinterland, Kladovo in Russia, northeast of Moscow, the same village and river in the Timisoara region, Romania, then Kladovo in the Republic of Bujratia- Barguzin reon, famous for cave paintings from the fourth millennium BC, Kladovo in the suburbs of Berlin, the former Lusatian Serb …

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