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About Ivanjica

The Mountain Spa

Ivanjica 26.01.2000. was declared an air spa in an area of ​​2156.50 ha decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.
Way back in 1873 was declared a spa Prilički Kiseljak, once very visited city, is now waiting for reconstruction.
Over Arilje and Pozega associated with the Adriatic highway and railroad Belgrade-Bar, across from Cacak Guca, Kaona over and over to King Sjenica and Novi Pazar access to Ibar highway, and from Sjenica through Nova Varos, Prijepolje continue with Montenegro and the Adriatic.

Cultural and historical monuments we highlight the Church of St. Emperor Constantine and Empress Helena erected in 1836, The stone bridge on the river Moravica was built from 1904 to 1906. and is one of the largest arched bridges in the Balkans, power station and Moravia was built in 1911 and was the seventh of hydroelectric power plants in Serbia, with a beautiful waterfall which is a visual symbol of Ivanjica. The recently erected monument DJENERAL Draza Mihailovic, which is located in the city center. Near the city of Palibrk grave in which the church was built on the grave of Bosko Jugovic (Kosovo heroes), dedicated to St. Prince Lazar and Kovilje monastery dating from the 13th century and is located 25 km away from Ivanjica.

Education in Ivanjica region has a long tradition. The first school in Ivanjica was founded in 1834, and Milandža near Ivanjica in 1833 and it was also a boarding school. At the end of the Moravica like nine eight-grade schools, and Ivanjica High School and Technical School (which educates trade, mechanical, woodworking, textile, tourism and catering industry). In Ivanjica like Dom and students.
Provides health care Health Center and the Institute for Rehabilitation. Otherwise, it should be noted that health has a long tradition in Ivanjica. For the purposes of the war Javorski 1876 on Mrkočevcu based military hospital, a 1905 Ivanjica receives general hospital type.
The municipality has 18 local communities and the surface of the largest MZ Ostatija 112 km2, and is by population the largest MZ 15903 Ivanjica.
Half of the municipal area (540 km2) is covered by forests and the rest arable land and have very little arable land (37 km2)

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