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Serbia is a country of specific charm and authentic people. Numerous prehistoric testimonies of the testimony are that in this area life has flourished in the most beautiful times.

Power of Nature

Serbia’s beautiful mountains, national parks, rivers and lakes are the perfect location for an active outdoor holiday – from hunting and fishing to extreme sports

Having A Plan Feels Good

Serbia is a country well-known for its numerous theatre, film, and music festivals, as well as specific traditional events that are held throughout the year, and that have made it a significant cultural centre.

The colors of hospitality and good fun…

Regardless of where in Serbia you begin your journey, you will feel the tradition and spirit of the people conveyed through the wide range of events – whether tourist, cultural, sport or entertainment– which are held all year round.

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The World Famous Festivals on Serbia

  • EXIT

    is an award-winning summer music festival. It was officially proclaimed as the “Best Major European festival” at the EU Festival Awards 2013. It is held annually at the Petrovaradin Fortress in the city of Novi Sad. With a recent alumni that includes Guns N’ Roses, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Hardwell, Avicii, Martin Garrix and a whole load more, it’s easy to see how EXIT’s reputation continues to dominate the festival scene.

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    With considerable experience in organizing Assemblies, today the traditionally hospitable Gucha has earned its place on the map of world music festivals, inviting high interest from ethno music lovers, and deservedly so. Guča is a place of catharsis of the heart and soul while the festival lasts. The festival attracts visitors from Mexico, Spain, Greece, Denmark, China and many other close or distant countries.

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    It is on average, the biggest beer festival in Southeastern Europe. Within five days, over 500.000 people visit the festival. The large number of visitors is mostly due to basic festival principles: free entrance, an exceptional music program, and a wide range of foreign and domestic beer brands. The festival was founded in year 2003. In thirteen years of its existence over 7.2 million visitors have seen more than 570 music performances, tasted more than 300 beer brands and participated in numerous social campaigns.

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    It is a unique cultural platform from Vrnjačka Banja aiming to promote music, art and urban culture of youth. The festival started in 2007 as a Love bridge party and already a year after it made its debut as one of the hottest music events in central Serbia. In 2012 Lovefest got its recognition from the Ministry of youth and sports as the biggest youth festival in the country and only a year after it was nominated by UK Festival Awards for the best overseas festival.

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    Nišville Jazz Festival international jazz festival incitz of Niš.
    Festivаl is held in August in Fortress of Niš
    International Jazz Festival is biggest in SouthEastern Europe, and for years festival is defending principles of Europian values and multiculturalism. Confirmation of this is big text ” Nišville – European Face of Serbia” that is published in EU magazine ” New Europe”.

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    Arsenal Fest is usually being held by the end of June in the city of Kragujevac, the heart of Šumadija and a former capital of Serbia, most recognizable nowadays for its authentical car industry. Arsenal has proved itself, in just a few years of its existence, as one of the most interesting, most relevant and most perspective open-air summer festivals in Serbia, former Yugoslavia and this part of Europe.

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